Please use this form to contact me.

I strive to be a responsive and accessible practitioner to those seeking my services as a psychotherapist. If you do not receive a response from me within 72 hours, then you can assume that I am away on leave or have not received your message. If you do not receive my reply within 72 hours, then please follow up to contact me directly at gavi at (substitute the ‘@’ symbol for the word ‘at’ and remove the spaces between the words in bold). Thanks!

Contact me about:

  • New referrals for psychotherapy and/or Relationship & Family Therapy for one or more people
  • Requests for clinical supervision
  • Professional trainings & speaking engagements
  • Teaching opportunities
  • Research & participatory action projects
  • Writing & publication opportunities
  • Health & human services policy consulting
  • Collaborations with you and/or your organisation
  • Social justice issues & community activism

**Please read the information below before you submit this form:**

Questions about my fees?

I use an income-based, sliding scale rates chart for income equity. For enquiries about my rates, please first review my Rates Chart, available rebates, and payment policies here.

Questions about using rebates to pay?

I am a Registered NDIS Provider and MediBank Private Provider. If you have NDIS funding for Therapeutic Supports, therapy sessions with me will be bulk billed (no fee gap). For enquiries about rebates, please first review the information on page 2 here.

What about Medicare rebates?

If you are seeking fortnightly or weekly sessions for 3 months or longer, therapy with me is likely to be more affordable overall than therapy with a Medicare-rebated provider. This is because:

  • Medicare has a 10 session annual rebate limit
  • most providers charge a fee gap even for rebated sessions, and
  • additional sessions after the first 10 are billed at an unexpectedly high rate  (e.g., APS 2019 recommended schedule of fees: $251 for 45-60 minutes and $364 for 76-90 minutes).

In addition, Medicare rebates cover only a limited range of therapeutic methods, excluding a range of  international ‘gold standard’ methods with an extensive peer-reviewed evidence base.

Medicare rebates do not cover distance therapy except for designated regional and remote areas, typically do not cover relationship or family therapy, and require your therapist to provide some of your personal clinical information to the government. In contrast, I provider a wider range of psychotherapeutic services and will never share your personal clinical information with anyone– government or otherwise– except where legally or ethically required to do so (e.g., where there is credible risk of imminent harm to you or another person).

**Please do not contact me requesting Medicare rebates through a GP’s Mental Health Care Plan. Although I regularly collaborate with GPs when providing mental health care and am happy to receive a GP’s Mental Health Care Plan, I am unfortunately unable to provide Medicare rebates.**